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Our Equipment

Our equipment is of extreme importance in the success of our operation. Our programs run mostly through natural government-protected areas, world heritage sites, national sanctuaries and reserves with endemic species, some of which may be in danger of extinction. We also operate in areas of difficult geographical conditions and accessibility, areas home to local communities used to living in hard conditions, and all of this in a wide range of climates, depending on the time of the year you visit us.

Our equipment has been carefully selected taking into account all of the above together with the aim of providing as much comfort as possible to our guests.

For each of our routes, we have studied what is the most suitable tent depending on the time of the year, the weather conditions at the moment, where to camp, what direction to face our tents, water supplies, and times between camps, and a large list of other relevant variables that significantly factor in to our flawless operation.

We are proud to have what we consider to be some of the best camping equipment in the area, renewed every season according to its level of usage and regularly maintained to ensure top performance in the field. All our equipment is identified with our Cusco Journeys & Adventure logo for its protection but also because regulations require that authorized operators for certain routes, such as the Inca Trail, have all their equipment adequately identified.

Personal Tents:

We are equipped with the following brands / models:

  • Eureka Timberline Outfitter 4 / SQ Outfitter 4: 3-season, double occupancy
  • Eureka Timberline 2XT, SQ 2XT: 3-season, single occupancy
  • Eureka K2XT: 4-season, double & single occupancy
  • The North Face VE25: 4-season, double & single occupancy
  • Doite pro Aconcagua: 4-season, double & single occupancy
  • Doite Kaylas: 4-season, double & single occupancy
  • Doite Alpina XR: 4-season, double & single occupancy

Collective Tents:

We employ dining tents, kitchen tents and toilet tents. For some deluxe & premium services, we also have shower tents available. Smaller groups depart with Eureka Equinox, Eureka Tunnel Vision tents or Doites pro aconcagua, while larger groups operate with tailor-made tents that we have developed ourselves to cater to large groups and fit into the sometimes-narrow Inca terraces where we camp. All of our tents are made of waterproof materials and are waterproof sealed.


We are happy to announce we are switching to solar-powered lamps as of 2012. We estimate that 80% of our operations will be run using this new equipment, which substitutes previously employed gas lamps.

Sleeping Pads:

We work widely with Therm-a-Rest pads, as well as with three layers of orthopedic foamy pads inside a cover, for a better comfort of our guests.

Sleeping Bags:

Our sleeping bags are all made by Eureka, who offers different models for different comfort temperatures. We always include a sleeping liner, for higher warmth.

Vaisselle / Cutlery / Kitchen equipment:

All our cutlery and dishes are stainless steel to ensure maximum hygiene and thus avoid bacteria problems, which are common in plastic equipment. Our luxury treks are operated with china and glassware.

Some of our portable kitchens are equipped with ovens, so far an exclusive service of Cusco Journeys & Adventure, allowing us to provide outstanding and totally unexpected meals all along our routes. Our kitchen equipment is also of high quality and strength, ensuring a quick preparation of meals and minimum waiting time.

Water filters:

All the water used for cooking and drinking purposes is previously filtered to make sure it carries no residues and does not put our clients’ health at risk. However, please be assured that water sources in the areas we operate are clean and drinkable, and are regularly monitored. Also, the water we supply to refill your water bottles is always previously filtered and boiled.


Most of our services run with biodegradable toilet facilities, including biodegradable bags with gel. All residues are taken out of the areas in which we operate and carried back to Cusco.

Environmental Respect:

Our operation is environmentally friendly, having the will and aim to keep improving day by day through the use of products/materials and implementation of techniques that ensure a higher respect and maintenance of the environment. Cusco Journeys & Adventure uses cleaning nets and washing bowls to avoid the disposal of wastes in the environment or in water sources, as well as biodegradable soaps and dishwashing liquids, among others. Also, red and green biodegradable garbage bags are available for our guests to differentiate organic from non-organic waste, for their adequate disposal later.

Hot Shower Facilities:

Our equipment includes camping hot-shower facilities (30L) exclusive for luxury services.

First-aid kits / Emergency oxygen bottles:

Our first-aid kits’ contents are in line with the recommendations of our Advanced First Aid US trainings, and we do carry emergency oxygen bottles in all routes running above 3,000m/9,840ft.