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Travel Tips & Packing Lists


Peru Packing List

This page gives a very general packing list that can be used as a guide if you are traveling to Peru. Please use this list in the same sense and do not assume that you will not need anything that has not been given here. Every individual is different and requires different items for everyday use. As such, the packing list changes for every single person.


If you will be hiking on a trek, you will need a backpack of 60 to 70 litres.

Sleeping Bag

Try to bring a real warm one for yourself because in the mountains, it can get as cold as -10 degrees centigrade during the night.

Clothing and Footwear

Overnight stay at a hotel is included in almost every tour. But if you are availing an outside trip in the mountains or alongside the rivers, you will need some out gear. If you are traveling between May and August, keep warm clothes with you as the temperature drastically falls later in the day.

Whatever clothing you bring, it should be light weight, warm and easy to wash.

  • Shorts that at least cover your thighs
  • Long pants, particular jeans are very useful
  • Shirts with both long and short sleeves
  • A warm jacket, sweater or any other suitable upper
  • Rain hood or poncho
  • Night suit
  • Swimsuit

Your footwear should comprise of

  • comfortable waterproof shoes
  • sandals or tennis shoes
  • breathable thin socks


  • A duffel bag or suitcase – the weight should not exceed 7 kg
  • day pack for storing only the essentials; try to go for a waterproof one – this will come in very handy when you are hacking
  • plastic bags


You should seal your electronic items in water proof bags if you are intending to travel during the rainy season. Here is what you may need.

  • flashlight or headlamp
  • camera – make sure that you keep all your lenses and memory cards with you
  • batteries
  • battery chargers or an adapter
  • alarm clock


  • biodegradable soap
  • shampoo and conditioner
  • nail cutter and a filer
  • toothbrush and toothpaste
  • wet hand wipes and tissues
  • small towel
  • hand sanitizer
  • hairbrush or comb along with a small mirror
  • lip balm, lotion and sunscreen with a high SPF
  • toilet paper
  • insect repellent


  • a waterproof organizer made out of plastic or a similar material
  •  passport, visas and air tickets
  •  a copy of your travel itinerary issued by AWR
  •  address book – be sure it has all the contacts which you may need during the trip
  • several copies of all essential documents likes you passport and visas – keep one with you, leave one at your residence and give one to a friend. Also be sure to email yourself all the softcopies


  • sunglasses – get straps fixed onto them if you have not already done so
  • contact lenses and solution if you use them
  • pocket knife
  • binoculars
  • a notebook and a pen
  • simple games like cards, Frisbee and football. Books and puzzles also make a great pastime
  • duct tape
  • snacks like energy bars, chocolate and dried fruits
  • matches or a lighter
  • maps and guidebooks
  • language book if you are not familiar with the dialect that is spoken in the region to which you are traveling
  • umbrella
  • water bottles – not mandatory because bottled water will be available at hotels and markets, but you will have to purchase it
  • water filter or water purification tablets like chlorine dioxide, iodine and steripen
  • coffee flavoring, salt and pepper
  • cash, credit or debit cards, travelers checks

Items Needed for Amazon Rainforest

If you are traveling to the Amazon rain forest, you will need the following additional items

  • rubber boots – you can also rent them or borrow them from the lodge where you would be staying
  • cotton shirts with long sleeves
  • full rain gear
  • cotton pants
  • a parka or a sweater made from a light material
  • woolen hat or cap