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Peru the Best Destination in the Amazon

Peru the Best Destination in the Amazon

Peru the best destination in the amazon, because has a rich part and virgins in the flora and fauna of the Amazon, are found along the eastern slopes of the Andes in Peru in a region called Manu National Park and Biosphere Reserve.

Wildlife and Birding in Manu Park.

Overall, more than 15,000 recorded species of plants are found in this exciting region, and almost 250 varieties of trees have been found in a single hectare of this rich reserve.  It is also a popular destination for birdwatchers, as Manu is home to over 1000 different species of birds including skimmers, terns, herons, egrets, Orinoco geese, parrots, macaws, and even the rare Cock of the Rock.

Things to do in Manu National Park.

Explore trails that lead out to lookout points high above the river to watch roosting flights of parrots as the sun sets or encounter a troop of monkeys swinging by. Travel downriver on a dugout canoe late at night in search of nocturnal inhabitants of the forest. Visit nearby clay licks, one of the world’s great wildlife spectacles, watching hundreds of parrots and their larger relatives, macaws, congregate at this traditional locality to eat clay that is essential to their digestion.

Getting to Manu National Park

Due to its isolation, Manu National Park takes time to reach but is well worth the reward for real nature lovers. Depending on the lodge you stay at, and thus its location within the national park, there are two main points of access: either fly to Cusco and from here take an overland road transfer to your chosen lodge or alternatively  fly to Puerto Maldonado (direct, regular flights from both Lima and Cusco), and then take a boat downriver to your chosen jungle lodge. Cusco Journeys will help arrange all the logistics as part of any tailormade trip to Peru.

Why Peru the best destination in the amazon.

Many biologists believe that Manu has a greater biodiversity than any other rainforest reserve in the world.

When to go.

During the drier seasons, from March to December is ideal. Travel from January to February can include heavy downpours.

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