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Peru on the big screen: here the ideal list

Quarantine has not only served to keep us safe from the coronavirus. It brought families together and has revived the old habit of getting all together in front of the television. This is a brilliant opportunity to tune into Peru in the most didactic way: the seventh art.

Many filmmakers were inspired by Peru to their best creations. And here we bring you some of the best movies so you can have a great time at home. Everyone is invited: from the youngest to the oldest. Therefore, prepare your popcorn, get comfortable on the couch and enjoy this variety of movies.


Written by the Argentine Juan Antín, Pachamama is the story of two small Peruvians who live in the Andes at the time when the Spanish broke into their lands. One of the protagonists dreams of becoming a shaman. To do this, he decides to venture out on a dangerous journey with the aim of recovering the sacred statue that was stolen from his town. You can see this animated movie in 2D and 3D through the Netflix platform.

Secret of the Incas

Released in 1954, this film is a classic in the history of cinema. Directed by Jerry Hopper, it tells the story of Harry Steele (Charlton Heston), an adventurer looking for an Inca artifact in the ruins of Machu Picchu, in Cusco. The tape was shot in Peru and features the appearance of the Peruvian singer and songwriter Yma Sumac. This film is said to have inspired the first installment of the Indiana Jones saga. You can see it through the Amazon platform.

Tad the Lost Explorer

This animated film tells the story of Tadeo Jones, a bricklayer who works in Chicago and dreams of being a leading archaeologist. Suddenly, his illusions begin to materialize when, after being fired, he visits his friend, Professor Miguel Humbert, who convinces him to venture out on a trip to Cusco, where he will experience a series of fantastic events. This film of Spanish production can be seen on Amazon.

The Emperor’s New Groove

This animated movie is a Disney classic. It tells the story of Kuzco, a young and arrogant Inca emperor who received a curse and was turned into a funny llama. To break the spell, Kuzco will have to trust Pacha, a village leader, who will accompany him on a series of adventures on his way to the royal palace. This film is also available on Amazon.

Dora and the Lost City of Gold

Inspired by the children’s series Dora, the Explorer, this film narrates Dora’s adventures in the Peruvian jungle, where she tries to find the Inca city of Patarata. As an anecdotal fact, Dora is played by actress Isabela Moner, born in the United States, but with Peruvian descent, since her mother, Katherine Pizarro, was born in Peru. This movie is currently available on FOX PREMIUM channel.

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