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Rainbow Mountain Peru

Rainbow mountain Peru, this is one of the most beautiful place to visit the rainbow mountain in ausangate. This tour combines a bit of culture, tradition, and amazing flora and fauna offered by the Andes of Peru and it is a perfect place to find peace and a sense of Andean life.

At around 6,384 meters above sea level, the hike to the top of the mountain can challenging if you don’t take certain precautions and demands a certain level of fitness, as altitude levels can change quickly. This particular tour can be harder than one of the many hikes to Machu Picchu.

You’ve most likely seen many incredible pictures from around social media that showcase the incredible beauty of this area, the mountains themselves get that colorful tint from the large variety of sediments found all over this rocky surface, giving them a unique and surreal look.

The Rainbow mountain Peru, itself can only be accessed by foot or horse from the nearest road, there’s a trail leading up, which takes about three hours to walk round trip and another 3 hour from Cusco R/T. Something to note is that locals believe the mountain to be holy, so bear this in mind when visiting and act respectfully in accordance with local traditions.

One of their traditions forms part of their year Star Snow festival, otherwise known as Qoyllur Rit’i, where thousands of Peruvian pilgrims travel to the base of the Rainbow mountain Peru, ending with a celebration that spans the entire day. This takes place every year on May 31st.

After shedding the ice and snow these amazing mountains were once again free to show their amazing array of colors. The rainbow like coloration is due to a variety of different factors.

It’s reddish hue most likely means that there is a heavy layer or iron oxide rust found within the mountain itself, just like a nail will rust and turn red after being exposed to water. Coloration of sedimentary layers often indicates iron oxide rust as a trace mineral.

Rainbow mountain Peru

Our service provides a breakfast stop along the way (consisting of eggs, bread, jam, butter and tea are served). Once you arrive your guide will take you up the trail, but you can also go at your own pace if you wish.

After this incredible trek up the mountain through this stunning scenery and sweeping Andean landscapes, you will be free to spend some time at the top where you’ll witness the majestic mountains surrounding the area. Be sure to ask your guide about the best spots to see and take in as much of the scenery as you can, after about an hour you will be asked if you would like to head back down.

After descending you will leave at around 1p.m, after which you will have lunch consisting of typical foods from Cusco, eventually arriving back to Cusco at around 4 in the afternoon.

Frequently Asked Questions About The Rainbow Mountain in Peru

1.- Can you get altitude sickness on Rainbow mountain?

Yes, this is why we always advise our clients to spend a few days in Cusco before attempting any kind of trek. As you may or may not know, the Rainbow Mountain is actually quite high. In fact, it is significantly higher than Lima, Cusco and Machu Picchu.

2.- Do you need a guide to visit Rainbow Mountain?

Yes, this is very important. Whether you book your tour beforehand or at the site, you will always be provided a guide for your hike up the mountain. The reason this is important is not just due to the expertise of the guide as well as the interesting information he/she will provide, but also due to safety reasons. If you have an accident or feel sick, you will need an experienced person to help you get back down the mountain.

3.- When is the best time to visit rainbow mountain?

You can go year round, however we usually suggest going after February is over. Any time from March – November would be ideal as they form part of the dry season, with May until August having the best weather all around.

4.- What kind of safety services are in place?

Our Rainbow Mountain Tour provides everything you will need in case of some kind of accident or sickness. We provided first aid kits, oxygen tanks, well trained personnel and professional guides that are prepared for any type of emergency that can occur during the trek.

5.- Are the pictures I see all over social media of the Rainbow Mountain real? Does it really look like that?

Absolutely, it’s incredible beauty makes the hike up the mountain that much more gratifying. Needless to say, you can get unlucky if you go during the months of January or February as cloud coverage can literally obscure the mountain as you are so high up. It does give it a bit of a mystical effect nonetheless.

6.- What items can you take to the Rainbow Mountain?

Depending on what time of year you go you may end up needing a few extra things. However, we also suggest taking a warm set of clothes, a good camera, worn in trekking shoes, fresh socks, rain jacket/poncho, hat & sunglasses, toilet paper & hand sanitizer, sunblock, small backpack, coca candy or coca leaves if you feel a bit light headed, among others.

If you want to know anything more about Peru, Cusco and Machu Picchu Travel, check out the rest of our blog posts at Peru Travel Blog and be sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram for our special packages.

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