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Machu Picchu Tickets

Entrance To Machu Picchu

Machu Picchu Tickets

Acquiring your tickets to Machu Picchu is much easier than most people tend to think. The “tickets” are more like passes to Machu Picchu since they don’t provide a “show” or the actual “Machu Picchu tour” isn’t included along with them. However you can make sure you have a guide to give you a proper tour of the Inca city.

Pricing for the tickets on their own can vary from $28 for nationals to $65 for foreign travelers. students can also get an additional discount. These passes can of course be purchased on site but it is advised to pre-purchase your tickets; since the Peruvian government has a set limit to how many people can access the stone city every day. Limits were established a few years ago do to the high number of travelers traversing the city,  erosion surrounding Machu Picchu has also been a concern.

More commonly it is a  better value when you purchase Machu Picchu tickets along with a tour that begins in Cusco. The reasoning behind that is due to a tour also including train tickets ($80 – $150) and a night in aguas calientes.  Since you are going to do these anyway the Machu Picchu tickets are usually part of the package already; this ensures you are all set up with transportation as well as a guided tour at the citadel.



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