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Our Very Own Itineraries

Our very own itineraries and programs, experiences, trekking routes and custom itineraries designed and operated by Cusco Journeys and Adventure have been developed by our General Manager together with our expert team of travel consultants, always with the support of our operations staff and our team of guides.

Every itinerary has been checked through what we call “recognition routes” to verify route feasibility and attractiveness, campsite conditions if there is camping involved, and distances and timings, in order to be able to give you the most accurate program description possible. We not only do this when developing a new route, but we also thoroughly and constantly revise every itinerary through our guides’ trip reports and our regular updates and inspections. If we identify a possible improvement or a problem in any of the routes, we immediately modify it in order to ensure a more enjoyable experience for our clients. The same applies to our hotel and restaurant recommendations.

We are always in constant search of new routes that offer spectacular beauty but little tourist traffic to share with our most demanding clients. We aim to offer new inspiring experiences to enhance our guests’ visit to Peru, and fresh ways of truly connecting with the country and its people. We generally avoid extremely touristy areas or experiences that have been over-exploited. For those cases in which we do offer these busier routes, we operate them in such a way that we allow for a more authentic experience by minimizing contact with tourist crowds and promoting a positive cultural exchange with the local people and the environment.