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Travel Insurance


We strongly advise hiring a Travel Insurance

When you are traveling, a lot of things can happen that might not be in your control during which your travel insurance may be extremely useful. For instance, if you suddenly fall ill and may have to cancel the trip altogether, you would at least be protected and would be able to make a claim. In other situations also like evacuation, baggage loss or damage or any other emergency that happens during the tour, your travel insurance would be of great help.

We advise you to buy a policy which would protect you in case of curtailment, cancellation and any other possible scenarios that arise due to loss, injury, damage or cause inconvenience to you. Please note that Cusco Journeys & Adventure is not responsible for any theft, loss or damage that your luggage may experience or any other personal circumstances which you may have to face. If any of your belongings are stolen or lost just because you left them unattended in public areas, lounges or while traveling on a bus or train, the company will not reimburse any money. This is so even if the areas or items have been owned by us, by our partner companies, by any other organization or are available for the public to use.

Cusco Journeys & Adventure will neither accept any responsibilities nor be held liable for losses or damages that occur to articles which are left in the facilities that are either in use by the company or belong to it such as home stays, hotels, expedition vesicles, vessels or any other transport mode equipment.

As a client, you have to acknowledge the fact that insurance is not included in the tour price. If you want to avail it, you will have to buy a policy from an insurance company by paying an additional amount.

What minimum insurance would I need?

Travel insurance is a must if you are about to start a holiday or any other tour no matter which region you are headed off to. There are so many choices in terms of companies, credit cards and insurance policies that is indeed hard to make a choice which not only suits the tour, but is also affordable for you. We suggest that your minimum coverage amount for medical care should be around US$ 200,000. If your current insurance policy cannot meet these requirements, it is recommended that you buy an additional travel policy.

Why would I need cancellation insurance?

You should add cancellation insurance to your policy so that you are completely covered for all possible scenarios. If your policy provides you with full protection, you will not have to worry about medical emergencies that can happen during, before or after the trip. If your insurance policy also covers your airfare, you will be able to make a claim in unpredictable situations like a sudden change in the tour plan, natural disaster or any other urgent emergency.

What are the average costs of travel insurance?

A travel insurance policy is actually not that expensive and you would be able to afford it. The overall price is dependent on the days for which you will need the coverage or your trip duration. The cost of a complete policy that offers protection in all scenarios is based on the current dollar value of accommodation, airfare, tour rates and other services which you would be availing during the trip.

As an example, if you are traveling for 10 days with a tour value of $1000 USD and air charges of about $1000 USD, the following costs will be incurred.

  • 10 days medical insurance = $50 USD
  • An all inclusive policy (cancellation, medical, tour, airfare) = $130 USD

What should my insurance cover at the least?

Your coverage policy should at least include the following items.

  • trip interruption or cancellation
  • trip delay
  • emergency like evacuation or repartition
  • medical emergencies
  • sickness or illness
  • baggage lost, theft or damage
  • baggage delay
  • accidental death due to air carrier
  • accidental death due to any other region
  • worldwide emergency assistance

Please feel free to contact us if you need more information about travel insurance or a tour package.